Healthcare Risk Management

Cassatt’s Healthcare Risk Management Program is designed to educate hospital staff and insured physicians about medical liability issues and methods to identify and manage risk exposures in the hospital and office practice settings.

We use a range of educational tools in our approach to risk management, including:
  • Team training
  • Caregiver support for care providers involved in a serious event or claim
  • Best practices for obstetrics and physician office practices
  • Discussion forums
    • Physician office practices
    • Patient representatives
    • Emergency departments
  • Security guard incident reporting protocol
  • Deposition guidebooks for physicians, nurses and staff members
  • AHRQ Patient Safety Culture Surveys
  • Closer Look, a closed claims newsletter
  • Disclosure communication reference tool



Cassatt’s 21st Annual Risk Management & Patient Safety Symposium

Program Registration

Date: April 25, 2018

Intended Audience: Cassatt Member Hospitals’ Physicians, Nurses, Hospital Administrators, Hospital Attorneys, Patient Safety Officers, Quality and Risk Management Managers, Educators, Compliance Officers, and Other Healthcare Professionals interested in risk management and patient safety





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