The Cassatt Difference

We have reverse-engineered hospital and physician malpractice insurance. Unlike traditional insurance carriers who start with a focus on claims, the Cassatt process begins with – and stays focused on – patient safety.

When a safer patient environment is created, there will be fewer claims, and lower medical malpractice insurance costs will result naturally.

That’s not the only thing that makes us different. The way we’re structured is also unique.

Offering captive insurance for hospitals and other healthcare providers, we’re a cooperative organization in which our members are also our owners. Their CEOs and other senior executives from both the clinical and business sides of their hospitals sit on our Board. The collective and cooperative efforts of our member hospitals – something that is not present in a traditional commercial insurance program – have created a true learning organization.

Together, we:

  • Share best practices
  • Identify and analyze emerging trends and issues
  • Create appropriate strategies to improve the quality of care for our members’ patients and ensure success for our members
  • Hold one another accountable

This unique model of partnership – focused on shared intelligence and shared risk – is exemplified by the Cassatt Patient Safety Organization. Our PSO encourages a culture of safety in all of our member hospitals.

With an emphasis on the sharing of best clinical practices, Cassatt’s unique model results in safer healthcare institutions and strengthens the standard of patient care for our entire region. In the process, our member hospitals’ medical professional liability costs are driven down.


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