Cassatt Insured Group Hosted 22nd Annual Risk Management and Patient Safety Symposium

MALVERN, Pa. (April 17, 2019) – Cassatt Insured Group, a captive insurance group for hospitals, physicians and other healthcare organizations, hosted its 22nd Annual Risk Management and Patient Safety Symposium on April 17 for member hospitals.

This year’s symposium, titled “Unexpected Behaviors: Dangers that Impact Healthcare Safety,” analyzed significant patient safety concerns that continue to challenge the healthcare system. Throughout the day-long event, Cassatt’s member hospitals learned how to become better learning organizations by addressing issues such as preparing for a mass casualty incident using efficient and successful strategies, recognizing multiple behaviors that could bring potential harm to an organization, and utilizing strategies to keep patients and staff safe from dangerous behaviors.

“This annual event connects Cassatt’s patient safety and risk management programs,” said Maureen Barnes, Vice President of Risk Management and Patient Safety at Cassatt. “We hope that by understanding and discussing dangers that interfere with safe delivery of healthcare, providers and member hospitals can utilize best practices to improve the health and safety of patients, caregivers and the community.’

The lectures for the symposium were:

  • Las Vegas Concert Shooting: How One ER Used a Non-Standard Approach to Handle a Massive Surge in Large-Scale Penetrating MCI– Kevin Menes, MD, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
  • Broadening Security Concerns in Hospital Operations– Jeff McKissack, CEO & Founder, Defense by Design
  • Proactive Measures to Protect Patients and Staff from Harm Associated with Drug Diversion– Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN, Diversion Specialists
  • Be your Own Best Advocate: How to Use Trial Skills to Stand Up for Yourself and Your Team – Heather Hansen, Esquire, O’Brien & Ryan, LLP
  • Cultivating a Healthy Workforce by Eliminating Disruptive Behaviors – Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN, CSP, CEO & Founder, Healthy Workforce Institute
  • Human Trafficking and Healthcare: Forging a PATH to Recovery – Kanani Titchen, MD, Executive Director and Founder of PATH, Barnabas Hospital System

The symposium was presented in joint sponsorship with Crozer Chester Medical Center.

About Cassatt

Founded in 1991, Cassatt Insured Group is a family of companies that provides medical professional and other liability insurance coverages and patient safety and risk management services. Cassatt is defined by a culture of sharing and offers its members a platform to share best practices and ways to improve the quality of healthcare in their facilities. Cassatt’s members include southeastern Pennsylvania-area hospitals and healthcare organizations and their physicians, nurses and other staff.


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