Cassatt Insured Group Hosted 21st Annual Risk Management and Patient Safety Symposium

Cassatt Insured Group Hosted 21st Annual Risk Management and Patient Safety Symposium

Day-long program educates group’s member hospitals

MALVERN, Pa. (April 26, 2018) – Cassatt Insured Group, a captive insurance group for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, hosted its member hospitals for the 21st Annual Risk Management and Patient Safety Symposium, entitled “An Emerging Reality: Patient Safety Meets Population Health,” on April 25.

The Symposium brought together medical experts to discuss the overall theme of patient safety’s role in population health. The event was designed to help Cassatt’s member hospitals gain a better understanding of population health and its relationship to quality patient care and patient safety. Symposium speakers also identified population health practices used to improve chronic disease management and patient-centered care and discussed new technological advancements in healthcare to aid patient safety efforts.

“This event is the annual culmination of Cassatt’s patient safety and risk management programs,” said Maureen Barnes, Vice President of Risk Management and Patient Safety at Cassatt. “Each year, healthcare advancements are made, whether it be in treatments or technology, and by bringing our member hospitals together in one place, we are able to create a better understanding of best practices to further improve the future of patient safety.”

The lectures for the symposium were:

  • A Collaborative Approach to Population HealthA Hospital Association’s Role – Robert G. Shipp, MSHSA, RN, NEA-BC, The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
  • Innovative Approaches to Caring for Complex Patients: Using Creative Programming to Achieve the Quadruple Aim in a Medically Underserved Population – Jennifer Abraczinskas, MD, Urban Health Institute; Rachel Adams, RN, ND, MSN, FNP, Urban Health Institute
  • Homecare Based Telemonitoring Program – Marybeth Kopil, BSN, RN, Jefferson Health Home Care; Heather Peiritsch, MSN, RN, Abington-Jefferson Health
  • Embodying the Patient’s Perspective through Virtual Reality Storyliving – Carrie Shaw, MS, Embodied Labs
  • Applications of Virtopsy – Sarah Hall, MD, Abington-Jefferson Health; Philip Lim, MD, Abington-Jefferson Health; Amy Mackey, MD, Abington-Jefferson Health

The symposium was presented in joint sponsorship with Crozer Chester Medical Center.

About Cassatt

Founded in 1991, Cassatt Insured Group is a family of companies that provides medical professional and other liability insurance coverages and patient safety and risk management services. Cassatt is defined by a culture of sharing and offers its members a platform to share best practices and ways to improve the quality of healthcare in their facilities. Cassatt’s members include southeastern Pennsylvania-area hospitals and healthcare organizations and their physicians, nurses and other staff.



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